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In 2009, War Master emerged from the smoldering battlefield of the DIY gulf coast grindcore scene in Houston, Texas to take no prisoners on a mission to elevate the classic death metal band with every element that heavy metal has to offer. Combining hand drawn artwork, explosive live shows and a strong sense of underground death tradition, founding members of Insect Warfare reunite to terrorize the world all over again. Following three sold out pressings of the Chapel Of The Apocalypse demo and a sold out 7” single, the Pyramid Of The Necropolis  full length enters its second pressing as the new 12”/CDep Blood Dawn is released. Another full length for 2014 is being written after touring the west coast and playing heavily in Texas.They have opened for a slew of national acts such as Hate Eternal, Dying Fetus, Goatwhore, Destroyer 666, Incantation, Master, and Cattle Decapitation as well as playing underground fests Rites of Darkness Festival and Dead Fest. Never deviating from the original protocols of extreme music: War Master continues developing future elements while still honoring death metal’s past to create an altered present. Sever the head that doesn’t bang!

“It’s goddamn titanic — a blasting, grinding, heavy-as-hell battle-tank on a merciless old-school rampage in the vein of Bolt Thrower” -Islander, No Clean Singing

“War Master’s hyper-aggressive blend of old-school death and crusty hardcore aims straight for the throat, and their gnarly tunes had heads banging hard right off the bat. ” -Nathan Smith, Rocks Off Houston Press

“…filthy monolithic death metal” -CVLT Nation’s Top Six Crust Releases of 2012

“…ultimate death metal point of view” -Brett Stevens, The Best Metal of 2012

 “These dudes pull no punches, and offer no apologizes for the massive sledgehammer sound they pummel you with from beginning to end” -Lone Star Metal

“…brings a new language to the ancient art of old school death metal composition” -The Best Metal of 2011

One response to “War Master

  1. This is truly an amazing band and I’m hoping for more material from them soon. They understand why old school metal was what it was, and they make it live on but with their own voice.

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